Asia imagery

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Hands in MeditationPair of SmilesFor the Benefit of All Sentient BeingsTigers Nest MonasteryAutumn ZenBamboo, Birds and basketsOfferingsFlowingGiant, Smiling, Dreaming FacesFlowers for BuddhaEmbraceCeling MandalaFloating ColorfullyDaibutsuMorning Laundry on the GangesBe WellJantar MantarLook Into My EyesSupportedPoint of ContemplationTemple of LightFootprints and FlowersGinko and LanternsJust BeHands in MeditationBuddha's EyesSaint KukaiMay You be Well and happy!PujaPoint of ContemplationThe WayThree BoatsThree Monks in MaroonThree Monks in OrangeThe White TempleWish TreeYin and YangDevotionSacred BellBalance and ClarityTigers Nest MonasteryPrayer WheelsBuddha's EyesLet Us Cross the River TogetherThis and ThatSurroundingsAngkor Wat SunriseZen Archer


Most images are available as follows:

4″x6″ image in 8″x10″ mat: $29.00
8″x12″ image in 16″x20″ mat: $89.00
8″x12″/16″x20″ in 18″x22″ frame*: $139.00
12″x18″ image in 24″x30″ mat: $250.00
12″x18″/24″x30″ in 27×33 frame**: $395.00
16″x24″ image in 28″x36″ mat: $495.00
16″x24″/28″x36″ in 29″x37″ frame***: $700.00
For larger sizes, please enquire here.

Marius prints all of his color images on the best archival paper that has a wonderful luster finish. Each image is limited to an edition of 250 (regardless of size).

All matting is acid free with a very slightly warm white color. The mats are cut with a beveled edge, and a v-groove accent around the image.

Framing is in a simple, yet elegant hardwood frame with a black finish.

*1 3/16″ wide frame by 3/4″ deep frame.
**1 5/8″ wide frame by 3/4″ deep frame.
** 7/8″ wide by 1 1/4″ deep frame.

Shipping is calculated at check out and is 15% of the total order, Florida residents add 7% sales tax.
Please allow +/- 1 to 2 weeks for your order to arrive.