Most images are available as follows:

4″x6″ image in 8″x10″ mat: $29.00
8″x12″ image in 16″x20″ mat: $89.00
8″x12″/16″x20″ in 18″x22″ frame*: $139.00
12″x18″ image in 24″x30″ mat: $250.00
12″x18″/24″x30″ in 27×33 frame**: $395.00
16″x24″ image in 28″x36″ mat: $495.00
16″x24″/28″x36″ in 29″x37″ frame***: $750.00
For larger sizes, please enquire here.

Color images are printed on a wonderful luster finish, archival paper.  The black and white work is printed on a Baryta coated, semi-gloss archival paper.

All matting is acid free with a very slightly warm white color. The mats are cut with a beveled edge, and a v-groove accent around the image.

Framing is in a simple, yet elegant hardwood frame with a black finish.

*1 3/16″ wide frame by 3/4″ deep frame.
**1 5/8″ wide frame by 3/4″ deep frame.
*** 7/8″ wide by 1 1/4″ deep frame.

Shipping is calculated at check out and is 15% of the total order, Florida residents add 7% sales tax.
Please allow +/- 1 to 2 weeks for your order to arrive.